Employers, overprotective parents and jealous lovers now have even more smartphone options to choose from. A budding surveillance company by the name of mSpy is offering an array of modern handsets that come pre-loaded with all sorts of NSA-like spyware to keep close tabs on the person using it.

Equipped handsets include the iPhone 5s, the Nexus 5, the HTC One and the Galaxy S4. Each phone will set you back about $200 more than its current retail price without contract which means you could pay close to $1,100 for the opportunity depending on which device you select. So, what exactly sets these smartphones apart from their vanilla counterparts?

Features vary by operating system but both Android and iOS devices can be used as a bugging tool to listen to and record nearby conversations. They also share the following feature set:

  • Check call history
  • Block phone numbers
  • Read text messages
  • Read instant messages
  • Remotely lock / wipe data
  • Obtain real-time GPS location
  • Access calendar and address books
  • Block apps and websites
  • View all photos and videos

Other features like call recording, keylogging and reading e-mails are OS-specific and can be found on mSpy’s website.

If something like this sounds completely illegal, well, you’d be wrong. The company says the phones are sold under the pretense that the user will be fully informed of its capabilities.

Pricing starts at $649.99 before tax and shipping. mSpy points out that all sales are final and devices are not subject to the customary 14 day return policy for consumer electronics purchased online.