Dispelling myths and confirming rumors, Steve Jobs has now unveiled details about Apple's mystery iPhone. It's for real, and Apple is now telling us all about it. At the most recent Macworld Conference, many details about the new phone were released, which seems to be more of a PDA combined with an iPod than anything else. Supporting a host of features such as a widescreen display, a keyboard, built-in iTunes, web browsers and even things such as proximity and orientation sensors, it really is packed full of goodies. Other things include an onboard 2 megapixel camera, quad-band cell support, wireless and bluetooth. Of course, it runs Mac OS X.

Will it be worth it? The retail price of the unit will be around $499 for a 4GB model and $599 for an 8GB model. In comparison, a PDA with similar features will usually start at around $350 and go up quickly from there, so the price is not much of a shock. Availability is said to begin in the end of this year, though initially it'll only be available through Cingular contracts. A nifty little device, and anyone who owns a PDA can testify to how useful they can be. The battery life seems a little light to me, though the low profile the phone has in relation to other PDAs probably has something to do with it.

To see a full image of the product click here.