Samsung launched a streaming music service called Milk last month. The service grabbed headlines as it was free to download, free to use without ads and didn’t even require users to log in. That’s certainly appealing on a number of fronts although a new infographic from Samsung suggests the company is preparing to reverse course on that promise.

The infographic in question was posted on Samsung Global’s website and highlights a basic service that’ll be free to use with ads. Those that don’t want to fool with ads can pay $3.99 per month to get rid of them and gain access to some exclusive features (no word on what those features are, exactly).

An asterisk under the basic service says the ad-free promotion was only a special introductory offer. As Gizmodo points out, that useful bit of information is never mentioned in the original press release or on the Milk Music website. The only mention of it (aside from the infographic) is in the fine print on the Google Play app description.

Sounds a lot like bait and switch, no?

Of course, there’s plenty about the change that we still don’t know yet. The service is only available in the US as of writing – perhaps the revision is designed to build funds so Samsung can bring the service to other parts of the world or to other devices?