HP is preparing to launch an Android-based notebook called the Slate 14. Unlike some of the hybrid implementations we've already seen, this system is poised to be one of just a few full-fledged Android-based notebooks to hit the market.

As the name suggests, the Slate 14 sports a 14-inch full HD touchscreen and will be powered by an Nvidia Tegra processor. It's unclear if we're talking about the existing Tegra 4 chip or Nvidia's upcoming K1 chip although if I had to venture a guess, it'd be the former.

Other noteworthy specs include 2GB of system memory and 16GB of onboard flash storage, a microSD card slot, a HDMI port, three USB ports, the obligatory audio jack, Bluetooth and 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi. There's also a full-size keyboard in tow with dedicated Android function keys, we're told.

What we don't yet know at this hour is when the system will be available and how much HP plans to charge for it. And in the same respect, we have to question HP's decision to forego Chrome OS in favor of Android for a notebook build.

As we saw in our recent review of the Acer All-in-One powered by Android, the operating system simply isn't catered to a desktop-style environment. It may do a little better on a notebook but even still, it wasn't designed with that platform in mind. That said, I don't expect HP to find many buyers for this configuration as those looking for a budget notebook will likely spring for a Chromebook instead.