A new social experiment taking place on Twitter has people in the San Francisco area scrambling about in search of cold, hard cash. It smells a bit like a PR stunt but the person behind it assures us that isn't the case.

The campaign launched late last week by someone known only as @Hidden Cash. They've been planting envelopes filled with $100 and $20 bills around various spots in San Francisco and nearby communities ever since. The Twitter account has amassed more than 75,000 followers in the short amount of time it's been active.

News of the generosity was first published by The Bold Italic following a tip from the creator. The person refused to reveal their name but said they've made millions of dollars during the last few years through Bay Area real estate. After realizing that many of his friends and people that work for him couldn't afford modest homes, he was determined to give away some of the money he's made.

@Hidden Cash claims to have already given generous amounts of money to charities like the East Palo Also Kids Foundation and multiple food banks but is concerned with the huge wealth inequality in the area. The social experiment is a playful way for him to try and change that.

The plan is to continue to drop cash at various locations around town once or twice a week with no end in sight.