With Steam gaming consoles expected to make a strong push for time share in the living room and Valve's current dominance over the mouse and keyboard realm, a new announcement from E3 looks like Steam could be going mobile as well.

On the final day of E3 2014, a third party team not affiliated with Valve revealed its new mobile PS Vita-like Steam gaming console called the SteamBoy. The handheld console looks like a combination of Sony's mobile gaming system and the latest Steam Controller, as well as the ability play the "majority of current games in Steam," according to the development team. 

SteamBoy boasts much of what you would expect in terms of controls with 8 face buttons, 4 triggers, 2 rear buttons and 2 Steam Controller-like touch pads. It has a 5-inch, 16:9 touchscreen and packs a quad-core CPU, 4GB RAM, and a 32GB built-in memory card inside. In conjunction with Steam's streaming functionality, this will be enough juice to handle most of your favorite Steam content, although exact details aren't available at this time. According to the developers, SteamBoy is about as powerful as PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS compared to their HD console counterparts.

While we still appear to be quite a ways off from getting a firm release date, some have suggested a mobile gaming console that supports such a massive library of quality titles could make SteamBoy a desirable gadget among mobile gamers. While the quality of Android and iOS games gets better every year, Steam on the-go would arguably provide a much stronger pedigree of titles and developers, especially for non-casual gamers.