The Unicode Consortium has finalized a new version of the Unicode Standard, version 7.0, which adds a whopping 2,834 new characters to the universally used industry standard for text representation.

The Unicode Standard Version 7.0 brings with it 250 new emoji as part of the selection of new characters, many of which have been adapted from characters in Windings and Webdings fonts. As the standard is new, there's no graphical representation of these emoji just yet - it's up to software and font developers to introduce them - but there is a full list available of what to expect.

A number of the new emoji could be quite useful in expressing thoughts through pictures, such as Camping, Stadium, Spider, Hammer And Wrench, and the all-important Reversed Hand With Middle Finger Extended. Yes, with Unicode 7.0 you'll be able to give your friends and family 'the finger' whenever you like and with ease.

Some of the more interesting new emoji include Raised Hand With Part Between Middle And Ring Fingers (aka. the Vulcan salute), Man In Business Suit Levitating, Heavy North East Pointing Vine Leaf, Hollow Quilt Square Ornament In Black Square, and, going back a few decades, the Black Hard Shell Floppy Disk, Tape Cartridge, and Trackball.

Aside from the new emoji, Unicode 7.0 brings new characters for several currencies including the Russian ruble, as well as more symbols and extensions to existing character scripts. The full breakdown can be read over on the Unicode website.