We last reported on Michael Thomasson when The Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition added him for having the world's largest video game collection. While Thomasson had previously sold off his collection twice before rebuilding it to record holding stature, he decided to put it up for auction in order to raise money for family reasons earlier this month. With the June 15th deadline now passed, Thomasson managed to auction of his games and consoles for $750,250.

At the time of entry into Guinness, the collection was estimated to be worth between $700,000 and $800,000 so it appears the avid game collector did quite well for himself. The collection contains everything from complete libraries of Sega Dreamcast, Saturn, and Virtual Boy games as well as obscure devices like the Tapwave Zodiac. More than 2,600 of the games in his collection were still in the shrink wrap and more than 8,300 of then are complete with the case and manual.

At 41 years of age and with more than 25 years into the collection, even though he has rebuilt it in the past, it won't be easy reaching the 11,000+ titles and hardware devices the new unnamed record holder now has. For now Thomasson remains a game designer and teacher of 2D animation, design and game history at Canisius College in Buffalo.