The world's largest video game collection brings in $750,250 at auction

Justin Kahn

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We last reported on Michael Thomasson when The Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition added him for having the world's largest video game collection. While Thomasson had previously sold off his collection twice before rebuilding it to record holding stature, he...

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Well good for that dork. I ragged on him for having a worthless collection. Ha Ha Ha...Who is laughing now?


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Lol, the only 'thing' I can call a real collection is my book collection.
at book sales, I bought books with huge discounts, mostly priced around 10php-100php range (roughly 10 cents to 1$ if 1$ = 50 Philippine pesos). the collection was mainly from year 1995-2002.
book sales now are no longer as generously discounted as before as the books are now priced about 50php-150php.