Ouya recently launched an All-Access Pass in which buyers can gain access to more than 800 titles for the price of a typical console game. The package will let gamers play any qualifying title for the next 12 months but if you want in, you'd better act fast.

According to a statement on the matter received by Polygon, the All-Access pass is a pilot subscription program being offered to new and existing Ouya users for a limited time only. It's just one of the many things the company is exploring to give players the best value and developers the best visibility.

The $59.99 pass, the price of a typical console game, is a non-refundable one-time payment. Once a customer buys and redeems the code, all content included in the bundle will show up as $0.00 in the Ouya game shop.

It's worth pointing out that the offer only applies to titles and add-on content under $30 in value. It does not cover in-game purchases that enhance gameplay or content that can be purchased multiple times like power-ups or extra lives.

The All-Access Pass won't have any impact on how developers get paid. For example, if a subscriber "buys" a game, the developer will still get their 70 percent cut on the original cost of the title. Ouya added that they reserve the right to disqualify any game or customers that they feel is abusing the system in any way.

Ouya said results of the test will determine if / how they proceed with an official subscription program.