Ouya is now offering a 12-month pass to 800+ games for $59.99

Shawn Knight

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Ouya recently launched an All-Access Pass in which buyers can gain access to more than 800 titles for the price of a typical console game. The package will let gamers play any qualifying title for the next 12 months but if you...

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Thanks but no thanks. I'll gladly spend 59.99$ at steam summer/holiday sales for games I'll own forever, that can be installed/uninstalled/transferred to another computer on the same steam user account. :)

800 games over 365 days = 2 games a day =no replayability or there's a replayability of a limited number of games and most available games are wasted.


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You forgot there are no exclusive nor AAA games on the Ouya, you play pretty much google play games market page :p

Jad Chaar

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I think the concept behind Ouya is great, but the games just aren't good enough IMO. As mobile graphics and engines improve, I think Ouya and Android gaming consoles have a chance to succeed.


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The way for the Ouya to succeed in this market is to partner with legacy console makers and offer a platform to play those games, like an emulator.


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Seems like a desperate attempt for attention! If the platform was worth playing, this would not be thought necessary.


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Extreme Desperation Mode!!

Ouya added that they reserve the right to disqualify any game or customers that they feel is abusing the system in any way.
How could you abuse the system an all-access-pass to 800+ titles? We either have access or we don't, simple as that. What rules could possibly be bent, which would add a risk element for disqualification?