Microsoft is offering select Xbox users a $75 promotional gift code with the purchase of Xbox One. As reported on NeoGaf, the company is sending out letters to its "very best" customers via Xbox Live to notify them of the new promotion in hopes to convert more 360 users over to the new platform.

There has been no official word from Microsoft yet, so it is unclear as to who exactly is eligible for the deal. One way to find out is to simply turn on your 360 (making sure you are connected to Xbox Live) and see if there's a notice like the one seen above.

Those who are eligible must purchase a full priced Kinect-less Xbox One or a bundled version (from any retailer) and must activate the new console by July 31st to receive the $75 credit. Credit codes, which will be sent out via the Xbox One message center by September 15, must be redeemed by October 15, 2014 and spent within a year, according to the promo message from Microsoft.

While there are deals on Xbox One readily available from time to time already, the $75 is enough for one full brand new title and then some, and at the very least allows for consumers to effectively create there own bundles with any title(s) they like. 

Now about a month after Microsoft dropped Kinect as a mandatory purchase and offered the Xbox One at the same price as PS4, the company is continuing its push to get more of its latest generation consoles out in the wild. However, there are reports of some users receiving the $75 promo message who have already bought Xbox One, so it is unclear how effective it will actually be.