Are you planning to get your Comcast service disconnected? Turns out this simple request is quite difficult to do, just ask AOL product manager Ryan Block, a former editor with Engadget, who had a blood boiling experience after he decided to ditch Comcast in favor of smaller cable company Astound.

Last week, Block's wife, writer Veronica Belmont, called to disconnect their service with Comcast. She was transferred to the cancelations department but the customer rep virtually stonewalled their request by repeatedly asking questions about the reason behind their decision.

Visibly upset, Belmont handed over the phone to Block, who was already overhearing the conversation. "I am declining to state why I'm leaving", Block said, adding that he's moving to Astound. But that didn't deter the rep, who was literally demanding explanation about what's wrong with Comcast.

"Tell me why you don't want faster speed," he said. Block reiterated that he isn't interested in answering his questions and just wants to disconnect, asking why this might be a difficult task. "Because my job is to have a conversation with you about keeping your service," the Comcast employee replied.

This went on for several minutes as the Comcast representative insisted to know the reason why Block and Belmont wanted to move away from Comcast, which he repeatedly described as "the number one-provider of Internet and TV service in the entire country".

The exchange provides a good example of why the cable company has twice been voted Worst Company in America. The audio clip embedded below covers the last 10 minutes of the call, which only ended after Block said he would just stop talking and wait until the cancellation goes through.

"This isn't how our customer service representatives are trained to operate", a Comcast representative told Mashable after the recording went public, adding that that they were investigating the situation.

Comcast is currently seeking regulatory approval to merge with TWC.