Unlocking a smartphone can be a drag, especially if you're the type that checks your handset dozens of times a day. It's a first world problem that has led many to simply leave their phones unprotected (obviously not a wise decision) but now, Motorola thinks they've come up with yet another solution.

Motorola has announced a new wearable accessory based on VivaLnk's eSkin technology. It's basically a nickel-sized "digital tattoo" that users can affix to their arm. By using NFC technology, the wearer can simply tap their phone to the tattoo to unlock it without having to enter a passcode.

A post on Motorola's official blog says each tattoo is made of super thin, flexible materials with an adhesive backside. Each tattoo can stay in place for up to five days and is designed to withstand showering, swimming and other vigorous activities like jogging.

The digital tattoo currently only works with the Moto X although I suspect it could migrate to other handsets if the concept catches on with consumers.

VivaLnk is charging $9.99 for a pack of 10 tattoos. Do the math and you're looking at around $80 for a year's supply of tattoos (assuming you wear them every day). That's a decent chunk of change to spend on something that only shaves off a few seconds each time you use it but then again, that level of convenience might be worth it so long as you don't feel silly wearing a digital tattoo in public.