While sometimes the massive popularity of mobile game releases can make it seem as though apps like Angry Birds are among the most popular, the social and entertainment apps still capture our attention the most. Based on a recent study conducted by comScore, Facebook and Google apps sit at the top of the 25 most popular mobile applications in the US. These are not just one time download numbers, but rather unique monthly visitors. 

After saying that it hit 1.1 billion mobile users last quarter, Facebook's domination over our smartphones and tablets continues with 115.4 million unique users in June 2014. According to comScore, Facebook's numbers were nearly double that of the second most popular app. YouTube, unsurprisingly sits as the second most popular app, counting 83.4 million unique visitors across the month of June.

Even with Facebook's commanding lead and additional listings with its Messenger app and Instagram in the 12th and 8th positions, Google still takes the title as the top mobile app publisher. It's apps, including Google+, Google Play and Gmail, hold the second, third, fourth, sixth, seventh and sixteenth places on the list of 25. 

A couple other notable mentions are Pandora sitting at number 5 with 69 million unique monthly visitors and Netflix at number 17, which ranks as the top app that requires a paid subscription. While some may not have expected games to top the list, it is somewhat surprising not to see any of them make the top 25. You can see the complete list below: