Nvidia has opened up pre-orders for a premium version of its Shield gaming tablet. The revised model now features 32GB of onboard flash storage (up from 16GB in the original) and an LTE radio (the original only offered Wi-Fi connectivity).

In addition to the new hardware, Nvidia highlighted a few new Android games optimized for Shield that are just around the corner - Beach Buggy Racing, BombSquad and Broadsword.

Beach Buggy Racing is described as a kart-racing island adventure game that doesn't sound all that different from Mario Kart with a collection of power-ups for players to explore. The first game in the series, Beach Buggy Blitz, has more than 30 million players worldwide.

BombSquad is a multiplayer game featuring a number of mini-games like capture the flag and hockey. Based on the description and screenshots, it sounds as if it is loosely based on the old Bomberman franchise. Broadsword, meanwhile, is a turn-based strategy title that allows gamers to side with either the French or the English and battle it out.

The SIM-free LTE Shield will retail for $399, a $100 premium over the basic model. Nvidia points out that it's certified for AT&T's 4G LTE network and when customers activate it on a qualifying plan, they'll receive a $100 bill credit.

Look for the LTE-enabled Shield to launch on September 30 online and at select retailers.