NFC-based payments may be the future but let's face it, not everyone is ready to get rid of the plastic in their wallets. Cutting down on the number of cards that result in bulky wallets, however, may be a bit easier to sell which is exactly what Plastc is hoping for.

The latest supercard is designed to pair with an app on your smartphone via Bluetooth. It can hold information on up to 20 different cards including credit, debit, access, loyalty and gift cards with the ability to switch between them with ease thanks to its embedded e-ink touchscreen display.

It also contains NFC and RFID chips for added flexibility along with a 30-day battery life and wireless charging. Plastc is also future-proofing the card by including an EMV chip while those with additional security concerns will appreciate the ability to PIN-lock the card and receive phone alerts if it is accidentally left behind at a store. Furthermore, the card can be remotely wiped in the event it is lost or stolen.

As Gizmodo points out, that's a heck of a lot of technology to cram into a single credit card-sized device and presents quite the challenge in getting it to market by summer 2015.

Of course, Plastc isn't the only outfit designed to slim down your wallet. Y Combinator-backed startup Coin introduced its universal payment card almost a year ago. It was supposed to ship this past summer but has since been pushed back until the spring of 2015. The company is, however, still accepting pre-orders at $100 a pop.

With any luck, Plastc will be able to overcome the multitude of setbacks that have kept Coin at bay thus far. Pre-orders for Plastc are now open if you want to secure yours early. Expect to pay $155 for the opportunity.