Humble Bundle fans may have noticed that this week's offering features some games that were part of previous bundles. If the title of the bundle - Humble Mozilla Bundle - didn't already give it away, all of the games in the latest bundle have been ported to run in your web browser.

That's right, the Humble Bundle team has partnered with the fine folks from Mozilla to deliver a collection of indie games that can be played right in your browser. And although I'm sure they'd prefer you to run them in Firefox, Google's Chrome browser will also get the job done on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Compatibility aside, the bundle includes the following five games: Super Hexagon, Aaaaa! for the Awesome, Osmos, Zen Bound 2 and Dustforce DX. Those willing to pay more than the average selling price (currently $4.91) will also receive Voxatron, FTL: Advanced Edition and another title that'll be revealed soon. What's more, if you pay $8 or more, you can also unlock Democracy 3.

For those not familiar, Humble Bundles allow gamers to pay what they want for a collection of games. Best yet, the buyer even gets to allocate where their money goes, be it to the developer, to charity or as a tip to the Humble crew.

As of writing, the Humble Mozilla Bundle has generated more than $73,000 in sales from 14,993 purchases. If you want in on the action, you've got roughly 13 days left to pull the trigger.