It may not have the userbase of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari, but the team at Opera are still trying their hardest to produce the best web browser going around. With the newly-released Opera 25 the interface has received a visual overhaul, adding in new image-heavy features.

The main new addition to Opera is visual bookmarks, which Opera calls "bookmarks, but with a twist". Like other popular browsers such as Safari, the main bookmarks page now features large images alongside website names and links. Normally these images would be automatically generated, but with Opera, the twist is that you'll be able to use whatever images you want.

The idea here is that people want their bookmarks pages to be beautiful as they're used to store memories from around the web. Providing the ability to customize the page not only allows the browser to look visually excellent, but it also helps people remember what websites are what.

Opera 25 is now available to download on both Windows and Mac from our download section. You can also grab a beta version of the browser for Linux.