A site known as Joker has starting grabbing some attention for its torrent streaming capabilities. The likely illegal service allows users to stream torrent video content without downloading the entire file, similar to what we have seen with Popcorn Time.

Known as the Netflix of torrents, Popcorn Time provides a list of available files to browse through, where as Joker is a little more open ended. Users can paste a torrent or magnet link in, or just pull up something from their hard drive. Clearly something that may not last very long due to its obvious legal implications, but reports suggest it is currently up and running. 

Not all files are working right away, but some movies and shows seem to be popping up with ease. Joker claims you can stream any file, but it looks to be limited to mainly popular hits. Other reports say it is working on certain mobile devices as well as on the desktop.

Popcorn Time has gone through its up and downs, changing developers in the process, but still appears to be up and running. While it always seems like a matter of time before these types of sites get shut down, they tend to stick around longer then you would think. As for who is behind the Joker service, there are a number of measures in place to ensure the name attached to the domain remains hidden.