Sony on Friday posted a quarterly net loss of $1.25 billion on revenue of $17.4 billion for the fiscal second quarter ending September 20. Overall, revenue was up compared to the year-ago quarter thanks in part to an 83 percent sales increase from Sony’s Game and Network Services division (translation: the PlayStation 4 is thriving) but it was the mobile division that brought the entire company down.

Revenue from the mobile unit was up 1.2 percent to $2.8 billion but a $1.58 billion impairment charge wiped away what could have otherwise been a very solid quarter.

Sony also revised its current fiscal year smartphone shipment forecast to 41 million units, down from an estimated 43 million in July. Originally, Sony projected smartphone shipments of 50 million in April.

For those curious about the gaming division, Sony says it sold 3.3 million PlayStation 4 consoles during the most recent quarter. In comparison, Microsoft moved 2.4 million Xbox Ones and Xbox 360s according to its latest results.

Perhaps as a direct result of the poor performance, Sony Mobile president and CEO Kunimasa Suzuki has been replaced by Hiroki Totoki. Up to this point, Totoki was a senior vice president in charge of corporate planning.

Suzuki, who took over the helm of the mobile division in April 2012, will start a new role with Sony – executive vice president of Sony Entertainment – on November 16.