Sony handset division to blame for $1.25 billion quarterly loss, new mobile chief appointed

By Shawn Knight ยท 9 replies
Oct 31, 2014
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  1. Sony on Friday posted a quarterly net loss of $1.25 billion on revenue of $17.4 billion for the fiscal second quarter ending September 20. Overall, revenue was up compared to the year-ago quarter thanks in part to an 83 percent...

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  2. wastedkill

    wastedkill TS Evangelist Posts: 1,423   +350

    2.4million xbox ones & xbox 360's wow is it me or is that a fancy way of trying to make it look like your own consoles are doing a colossal flop?

    Its like microsoft saying "We sold 20million PC's with windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, vista, XP" whats next sony gonna come out with "We sold 20million PS4, PS3, PS2, PS1's" but hey atleast with sony we know which is getting the most sales PS4! but with microsoft the xbox 360 is probably selling more then the xbox one from what they posted...
  3. Rippleman

    Rippleman TS Evangelist Posts: 817   +371

    I am not in high finance, but it blows my mind that a company can't make money with $17.4 billion in a quarter let alone LOSE 1.25 billion. I would assume they are doing something wrong, very VERY wrong.
  4. The SONY phones are just too expensive. They need to follow the same format they used for their NEX aka Alpha mirroless camera system, for their mobile division. Those cameras are great and are at the best price point. In my country in the Caribbean it used to be Blackberry that was king.... now it's going the way of Samsung. They (Samsung) even have a store here now.
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  5. davislane1

    davislane1 TS Grand Inquisitor Posts: 4,741   +3,757

    It's actually fairly easy to bring in tons of revenue only to lose out, net. It's hard to say without looking at their statements, but a number of simple errors such as failing to properly identify things in the supply chain (materials or manufacturing costs, for instance) or not being able to push enough sales volume due to faulty market analysis or ineffective marketing could be the culprit.

    Rule 1 of Business: You must spend money to make money.
    Rule 2 of Business: It is easy to lose money.
    Rule 3 of Business: It is difficult to make money.
  6. Rippleman

    Rippleman TS Evangelist Posts: 817   +371

    I think the old rule of "you gotta have money to make money" should now be readjusted to "you gotta have money to lose money" :)
  7. captaincranky

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    Sony used to be able to get over with extra pricey product, the way Apple does today. Sony was recognized as a "premium" brand. Their "Trinitron" marque TVs were best sellers, at maybe 10% to 20% above prevailing market. I guess times have changed.

    Their digital camera product used to have proprietary memory cards, called "Sony Memory Stick". A salient reason to avoid Sony cameras as if they were carrying the plague. The last time I was in Best Buy, the staff were selling away from them aggressively.
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  8. indiangamer

    indiangamer TS Enthusiast Posts: 57   +9

    Something is very wrong internally. Because their phones are almost same as competition specification wise.
    I think it is their marketing. Here in India alot of people don't even know about the existence of Xperia Z2. I haven't seen any tv ads for Z3 yet. And with bad marketing they might be predicting sales figures very high.
  9. Frank Barnett

    Frank Barnett TS Rookie Posts: 61   +6

    Who cares every week there is a new top of the line smart phone. All these *****s just keep cranking them out. A good phone should be able to be bought outright for $200.0 if they cant make money doing that then they should get out of the business anyways.
  10. Rippleman

    Rippleman TS Evangelist Posts: 817   +371

    Sounds like you have a business plan that will rip up the industry. Why not try?

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