The Internet Archive, a non-profit tasked with building a digital library of the Internet, has added a number of different mediums to its archives over the years. For example, they added a wealth of classic 70s and 80s console games late last year to a collection known as the Console Living Room.

The titles were made available to play free of charge right in your web browser and now, they've added an entirely new collection to the mix.

We've just received word that the San Francisco-based non-profit has launched the Internet Arcade, a collection of more than 900 classic arcade games. Much like the console games, these classics are playable from your browser - no quarters required.

Games in the collection span from the 1970s through the 1990s and include such hits as Street Fighter II, Out Run and Dig Dug, just to name a few.

All of the games are run on JSMESS, a JavaScript emulator. As Internet Arcade operator Jason Scott points out, some of the games are in pretty weird shape. For example, vector games are an issue, scaling is broken for some and others have control mechanisms that just don't translate to a keyboard or even a joy pad.

As such, some are useful more for verification of behavior or programming.

If you run across any of your favorites in the arcade, be sure to let us know.