Well its November again, and many of the biggest yearly game releases are about to drop. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has already received fairly positive reviews across the board for its future tech, multiplayer customization and a surprisingly enjoyable campaign. While not someone who gravitates towards shooters, The Master Chief Collection will likely be popular and I might have to give Far Cry 4 a try. Outside of that, GTA V on newest gen consoles can wait for me (even with the first-person mode and slick looking graphics), so it looks like most of my time will be spent with AC: Unity.

The Assassin’s Creed series has certainly disappointed me in the past, as it strays further and further from the stealth game I always wanted it to become, but I’m still excited for Paris. Personally, as much fun as I had with the sea shanties, I got tired of the ship combat in Black Flag and am looking forward to the detailed interiors and enhanced maneuverability in Unity.

So for this week’s Open Forum we want to know what your most anticipated releases are for the rest of this year. With so many major titles getting pushed to early 2015, is this year’s selection a little disappointing? Has Unity’s French Revolution (WW2?) era setting captured your attention? What will you spending most of your time playing until next year’s big releases hit?