There was plenty to take away from the keynote Samsung held to kick off its developer conference in San Francisco but one of the more interesting tidbits is a new initiative designed to make transitioning between devices less of a hassle.

Samsung Flow is comprised of three key components. Transfer allows you to move content like pictures, videos, web pages, Google maps, voice calls and more from one Samsung Flow-enabled device to another (from your phone to a tablet or even your TV, for example).

Defer lets you put whatever you're working on at the moment on hold until later by adding it to a list of items that syncs to all of your Flow devices. Last but not least, Notify can display various notifications on whatever device you're working on at the time (text alerts while you're streaming Netflix, for example).

In other words, Flow is essentially Samsung's version of Apple's Continuity concept.

Samsung's Flow SDK was just released to developers so it'll likely still be a while before you can seamlessly transition between devices.

It's worth pointing out that Flow will only work with Samsung's Android devices initially although plans are in the pipeline to bring support to all of Samsung's various gadgets. With any luck, Samsung will extend the offering to other non-Samsung products as the company's line of PCs are pretty much limited to high-end laptops and Chromebooks.