Lizard Squad, the hacking collective that took credit for the recent Xbox Live and PlayStation Network outage, is now selling the DDoS service they used in the attacks to anyone who is willing to pay for it.

Dubbed LizardStresser, the service is available in various packages, ranging from $6 to $500, depending on the length of attack, and allows you to launch DDoS attacks on any website or internet service of your choice.

There's also a referral system, allowing you to earn 10 percent of whatever money your friends spend, and the service offers add-ons as well.

Ironically, the hacking group, which also took the responsibility for Blizzard and PlayStation Network outages last August, is advertising the tool as a stress tester. According to the product's terms of service, "Permission is granted to stress test dedicated servers and networks owned by you. This is the opportunity [sic] to make your firewalls better, not to misuse against the law."

The service currently only accepts Bitcoin, although the group says PayPal support is "coming soon." According to Gizmodo, the payment system doesn't work with VPNs, making it difficult for potential users to hide their identity and location.

The launch of LizardStresser also raises questions on the original intent of the hacking collective's actions – while the group initially claimed that the motivation behind the Christmas attacks was to highlight the security weaknesses of the systems, a Lizard Squad member recently told the Daily Dot that the attacks on Xbox Live and PSN were all "a huge marketing scheme."