Chromebooks are most often marketed to those looking for a highly portable machine but that's no longer the case as Acer has announced a massive (for Chromebook standards, anyway) 15.6-inch Chromebook it's calling the Chromebook 15.

The super-sized Chromebook 15 is the largest yet to run Google's browser-focused operating system. Its 15.6-inch screen carries a modest resolution of just 1,366 x 768 on the base model with a proper 1080p panel reserved for those willing to shell out a bit more coin.

Powering Acer's new Chromebook is your choice of Intel's fifth-generation Core i3 or Celeron "Broadwell" processors, 2GB or 4GB of RAM and either 16GB or 32GB of internal flash memory.

Connectivity-wise, you'll find 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE as well as USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and HDMI ports lining the perimeter of the machine. There's also an SD card reader to facilitate additional storage / media transfer.

The Chromebook 15 measures 393mm x 256mm x 24.2mm (15.4" x 10.08" x 0.95") and at 4.85 pounds, it's certainly no lightweight. Press photos only show the system in white although there's also a black variant being shown off at CES.

Pricing starts at $249.99 but a nicely-equipped machine with a 1080p display, i3 processor and 32GB of storage is likely to set buyers back a fair bit more. Availability will vary by region, we're told, meaning there's no solid launch date to speak of just yet.