Acer's massive Chromebook 15 packs Intel Broadwell processor

By Shawn Knight
Jan 5, 2015
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  1. Chromebooks are most often marketed to those looking for a highly portable machine but that's no longer the case as Acer has announced a massive (for Chromebook standards, anyway) 15.6-inch Chromebook it's calling the Chromebook 15.

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    Initially the Chromebook was a very appealing idea with it's portability, laptop type features and affordable price tag but manufacturers are losing the plot big time (which they always tend to do), not only are they're becoming far too expensive but they are also becoming too big, you may as well buy a tablet for that price.
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  3. And that is why Chromebook's will fail, because of these manufacturers (Not that I'm complaining, I never liked the idea of Chromebook's anyway). They are getting ridiculous with these specs. These are the kinds of things you'd expect on a Windows based PC because this is what a Windows PC can actually use to its full extent and are priced appropriately. Chromebooks on the other hand have most of the processing done in the cloud, so you could get away with having tablet type specs and not take a hit to performance, so having uber specs (not that this machine has uber specs, just emphasising the ridiculous prospect of these machines) means absolutely nothing but looks good on paper for the uninitiated. You know what they say, "a fool and his money are soon parted"! By that, I mean, the manufacturers are obviously making them, and they are becoming more common place ("uber" specs along with uber prices), so that means there must be a demand for them. To use another clich├ęd phrase and to quote Mr T. "Pity the fools"!!
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