Apple isn't staying put while other companies release their own thin, light and beautiful laptops. According to 9to5Mac, the MacBook Air is set to receive a makeover in a new 12-inch model complete with updated hardware.

The body of the redesigned 12-inch MacBook Air, at least according to 9to5Mac's leaked information, is around the same size as the current 11-inch model. However, the body is slimmer overall, and comes with an edge-to-edge keyboard with a larger trackpad and top-edge speakers.

The new MacBook Air is reportedly a fanless model, so there's a good chance it will use one of Intel's latest 4.5W Broadwell-based Core M chips that allow fanless cooling solutions. By not needing a fan to cool the CPU, the new machine can be a good amount slimmer than the previous Airs

One of the more interesting things about the rumored design is the lack of ports. 9to5Mac's mockups suggest there will only be a 3.5mm audio jack and a new USB Type-C connector on the laptop. That means no full-sized USB port, no Thunderbolt port, no dedicated video out port, and no MagSafe charger.

It's possible that the info provided to 9to5Mac refers to one of many internal models being tested at Apple, and not the final version. Removing many of the connectors we're used to on laptops could cause complaints from people expecting to use peripherals and attach storage without needing adapters or hubs.

Rumors suggest that this new MacBook Air will debut around the middle of the year, with production potentially ready to commence.