Despite having the massive stage that is CES at its disposal, Nvidia elected to go the silent route with the release of its budget-minded GeForce GTX 965M mobile GPU. The graphics chip entered Nvidia's lineup without nary a peep today, joining Nvidia's existing 900M series - the GTX 970M and the GTX 980M.

The 965M is based on the same GM204 GPU that powers the rest of the series but as evident by its moniker, it's a cut-down model for the entry-level market.

Specification-wise, the 965M consists of 1,024 Stream processors with a base clock of 944MHz and an unspecified Boost clock. There's also a 128-bit memory interface clocked at 2,500MHz that's good for 80GB/sec in terms of bandwidth but just how much GDDR5 memory is on tap is unknown at this hour.

For comparison, the GTX 980M consists of 1,536 Stream processors with a base clock of 1,038MHz. It also has 4GB of GDDR5 on tap with a memory interface of 256-bit. Combined with the same 2,500MHz memory clock, you're looking at 160GB/sec of memory bandwidth - twice as much as the 965M affords.

Even with what will no doubt equate to lower performance, Nvidia is marketing it as a gaming-capable 1080p solution. And considering that a number of OEMs have systems on display at CES this week powered by the 965M, retail availability can't be too far off.