One of the hottest smartwatches at CES this year isn't powered by Google's Android Wear or Samsung's Tizen mobile OS. The wearable in question comes from LG (with a bit of branding and marketing from Audi) but more importantly, it'll arrive running webOS.

The device is based on the LG G Watch R according to Android Central but that appears to be where the similarities end. The prototype wearable is still in an early state as it remains nameless but the webOS software it's running is said to be extremely polished and well thought out.

For example, pressing the center button brings up a list of apps, represented by icons that are styled after LG's smartphone UI. The list of basic apps include a dialer (yes, it has cellular connectivity), messaging app, music, calendar and e-mail while LG-specific apps include LG Health W, Voice Memo, Q Voice, Remote Shutter and Find my Phone.

As per the partnership with Audi, the wearable can also control a number of features of a paired vehicle such as being able to unlock the doors using NFC.

The watch is water-resistant and is constructed of stainless steel and sapphire crystal meaning it should be pretty durable.

It's unclear when a consumer version will be available and for how much although it'll likely carry a premium over the LG G Watch R.