Desktop users have had access to a Windows 10 preview for several months now, while Windows Phone fans have waited patiently for any news on what the future of Microsoft's phone platform might hold. According to the latest info from The Verge, the waiting might finally be over, as Microsoft will soon launch a preview for Windows 10 on mobile devices.

By the end of this month, Microsoft will reportedly have a Windows 10 preview program available for Windows Phone users through an app called Phone Insider. Just like the Windows 10 insider program, joining the Phone Insider program will allow you to install early phone-oriented Windows 10 builds with limited feature sets on current Windows Phone handsets.

The Phone Insider application currently works for Microsoft employees, though the company is reportedly planning to open up access to enthusiasts following a January 21st press event. At the event, Microsoft will be detailing plans for Windows 10 on smartphones and tablets, including interface tweaks, new features and their vision for universal applications that work across phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and the Xbox One.

At this stage, the phone variant of Windows 10 is internally named 'Windows Mobile' and 'Windows 10 Mobile' at Microsoft. It's possible that the company will name the OS - which combines Windows RT and Windows Phone - at the event, although as it will become more closely related to the desktop version of Windows, Microsoft may simply leave it as 'Windows 10'.

It's expected that Microsoft will launch Windows 10, possibly including the phone variant, somewhere around the middle of the year. Again, more details will be revealed at Microsoft's consumer-focused January 21st press event.