The issue most people have with the current crop of wearables is the fact that they aren't perceived as being all that useful. Outside of a few niche exceptions, I think most would agree that today's wearables don't really meet a need or solve a problem. Quite frankly, they're impractical.

The latest wearable from multi-tool maker Leatherman, however, is quite the opposite.

The Leatherman Tread was created to fill a need. Company president Ben Rivera was denied access to Disneyland while on vacation with his family due to the fact that he was carrying a multi-tool. After dropping the offending tool off at the hotel, he got to thinking of ways in which he could keep some of the less-offensive components of his multi-tool with him without raising suspicion.

Hence, the Leatherman Tread was born.

The Tread is a fully-customizable wristband (or watch, should you opt for a model with a watchface) that not only looks cool, but is extremely functional. Each link is made of corrosion resistant, injection-molded 17-4 stainless steel and features two to three functional tools that can be removed and used at a moment's notice.

Users can remove and rearrange the links as they see fit, add new ones or remove unused links for a better fit. Even the clasp is functional as it doubles as a bottle opener and a #2 square drive. In total, you get 25 usable tools such as box wrenches and screwdrivers. Think of it as a Pandora bracelet for guys.

While I recognize the fact that this isn't something we would typically cover, the urge to share a truly useful wearable with our readers was simply too great to pass up.

The Leatherman Tread goes on sale this summer with the watch-equipped variant hitting stores in the fall. Pricing will start around $150 to $200 and it'll be available in the stainless steel and black finishes shown above.