Twitch - the video game streaming site recently acquired by Amazon - was pulling in 100 million viewers a month by the end of last year. That's impressive in its own right but even more so when you consider it's more than double the number of views it attracted just a year earlier.

One of the reasons viewership is up is because more people are streaming to the site. The company said they now have an average of 1.5 million broadcasters each month from around the globe. A year ago, that number stood at 900,000.

Asia and South America have shown the strongest growth in recent times.

It should come as little surprise that certain games are more popular in certain regions than others. Dota 2, for example, is most popular in the Philippines as 83 percent of local viewers tune in. StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm is the most popular title in South Korea while gamers in Ireland prefer Minecraft.

All of this highlights the fact that Twitch is one of the fastest growing and largest sources traffic on the Internet. In the US, for example, Twitch is the fourth largest site in terms of traffic behind Netflix, Google and Apple according to network researcher DeepField Inc.

Just as Twitch is taking off, so too is the world of competitive gaming, or eSports. The two are really complementing each other in terms of support and growth. Last March, for example, some 643,000 people tuned in to Twitch to watch the Intel Extreme Masters championship play out.