Olefarte from our forums pointed out this article over at MSNBC discussing a possible raise in videogame prices. I believe we have discussed this before and most gamers actually expected some kind of price drop from the typical $40-50 we have been paying the last decade, in reality however development budgets have increased considerably and 'triple-A' titles have been selling quite well at an unmovable $49.99.

Over the next year, approximately 750 new titles will hit the market. If past sales figures offer any clues, said Pachter, the top 50 to 60 games will rake in 50 percent of the total sales. “Once you see those numbers, it’s easy to see that half could command a $60 price point,” he said.

The key word is “could.” Pachter said he believes that the Xbox version of “Doom III,” scheduled for release later this year, may go for $59.99. But he admits that he’s the only guy on Wall Street to predict the price jump.