After Samsung's generally dominate lineup of smartphones began to show signs of slowing in the sales department, analysts and industry insiders suggested that Apple could retake the crown. While just a year ago Samsung was clocking numbers well ahead of Apple, recent data looks to show a changing of the guard. 

Well respected analytics and research firm Gartner has recently published data saying that Apple slightly topped Samsung in the fourth quarter of last year moving about 74.8 million smartphones compared to Samsung's 73 million.

Even though Samsung was selling above 30 million smartphones more than Apple at this time last year, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus brought the company its highest quarterly profit in history back in January. 

Despite a turn for the worse, many suggest the recently revealed Galaxy devices are primed to take Samsung to the top once again. Described as some the most notable upgrades in the company's popular Galaxy lineup in quite some time, the new S6 and S6 Edge are set to launch this April. You can get more details and specs on Samsung's upcoiming devices here.

Head over to Gartner for a complete breakdown of smartphone sales in Q4 last year.