Update: Nintendo has since shut this down.

On September 29, 1996, I had a serious decision to make. Having saved my allowance for months on end, a launch-day Nintendo 64 game console was finally mine but I only had enough money for one game. Would it be Super Mario 64 or Pilotwings 64 (the only two games that launched alongside the console)?

Foolishly, I chose the latter while all of my friends got busy playing the latest Mario title.

I eventually bought Super Mario 64 and had a blast with it. The graphics were mind-bending and the gameplay was beyond anything up to that point. It truly was one of the greatest video games ever created and now, you can relive a bit of the magic right from your web browser using this web-based recreation from Erik Roystan Ross.

Built as a test bed for his Super Character Controller project for Unity, the remake isn't dead on but it's pretty darn close. It's a bit awkward to play using a keyboard as I quickly found out but with a proper gamepad, it'd no doubt be much better.

Hopefully, Nintendo won't put up too much of a fuss over the use of its IP. The company isn't exactly fond of letting others borrow from its catalog, especially if revenue is involved.

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