Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are just around the corner and like any upcoming smartphone, potential buyers are curious as to its durability. How will it hold up when gravity takes over? What about water resistance? Unlike other Galaxy phones, the new duo doesn’t carry a water resistance certification.

A handful of lucky recipients have gotten their hands on the phone ahead of launch and were willing to put Samsung’s new flagships to the test.

In the first video, we see the Galaxy S6 being violently thrown onto a hard surface over and over again. Surprisingly, there appears to be no damage whatsoever.

In a separate video from TechSmartt, the Galaxy S6 Edge is submersed in a pool of water. After more than 23 minutes, the phone finally gave up the ghost… well, sort of. The handset worked intermittently throughout the rest of the video although I question how good of an idea it was to plug a soaked phone into a charger (or why you would start a water test with a nearly drained phone).

In a different video from TechSmartt, the host performs a series of drop tests with the S6 Edge. As you’ll see, it survives both the pocket-level, head-level and above-head-level drop test on concrete. Trying to break the rear glass seems futile as the phone’s metal perimeter takes all of the damage time and time again. On the third try, the glass finally gives way on the front of the device.

All things considered, Samsung’s latest appears to be extremely durable. Fitted with cases as many will inevitably do, the phone should handle real-world perils exceptionally well.