If you thought the hardware requirements to run Grand Theft Auto V in 4K at 60 frames per second were daunting, wait until you get a load of Project CARS. It was recently revealed that the upcoming racer will support a resolution up to 12K (11,520 x 2,160) on PC.

Obviously, 12K monitors don't exist yet so you'll need a trio of 4K monitors arranged side-by-side-by-side for the absolute best visual (and immersive) experience.

If you recall, the game was on display at last year's CES and E3 events running this very configuration. While it appears to run smoothly in this video from Maximum PC, the machine needed to push it was astronomically powerful with four watercooled Nvidia Titan graphics cards, 64GB of RAM and an Intel Ivy Bridge-E CPU.

Such a configuration would likely cost at least $10,000 - well out of the range of all but the most hardcore (and wealthy) gaming enthusiasts. That said, the real question then becomes how long it will take before hardware matures enough to run 12K on a single graphics card.

Project CARS is expected to launch on most platforms in early May and looks to give both Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo some serious competition.