Even though The Witcher 3 won't be out until tomorrow, pre-orders of the game are hitting Steam's top charts hard, taking the second and fifth spots in last week's top selling titles. The game has received plenty of press ahead of launch with very positive reviews across the board.

Grand Theft Auto V is doing incredibly well on the PC, especially for a game that was released for previous-gen consoles 18 months ago. Whether it's the potential for 60 fps gameplay and 4K resolution in the PC version, or the awesome modding scene, GTA V lives on and has been at the top of the charts since release last month.

Looking gorgeous as always, Project CARS has dropped a couple of spots but I'm sure we'll keep hearing more about the game. As we learned in our performance review last week there are some pending optimizations on the GPU side that we are looking forward to.

Counter-Strike: GO and Arma 3 are two older titles that keep selling impressively well. Counter-Strike is now on its 15th anniversary (CS:GO was released in 2012) and remains a timeless classic with hundreds of thousands of players active daily. CS: Global Offensive features new maps, characters, weapons and delivers updated versions of classic CS content.

The full top 10 list follows below – are any of these in your shortlist of games you are playing right now?