Firefighters from upstate New York were recently working to put out a house fire when they noticed something swirling in the air above the carnage. That something was a drone piloted by local John Thompson which didn't seem to be much of a bother when it kept its distance.

When Thompson moved in for a closer view near the 12 minute mark, however, firefighters decided they'd had enough of the aerial nuisance and turned their powerful hoses towards the sky.

The first blast was a direct hit but surprisingly didn't manage to knock the drone from the sky. After another close brush with danger, the pilot decided it was time to head to safety.

Thompson, who claims he's a former firefighter himself, told Inside Edition that he was recording the event to put on firefighter websites. He told News 12 Hudson Valley that the drone was damaged and wants the fire department to pay to have it replaced.

Do you believe firefighters were justified in their actions? Was Thompson violating any laws? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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