After showing off its new line of ultra-thin 4K TVs at CES 2015, Sony is finally ready to share pricing details: the 55-inch X900C will cost $2499, with the 65-inch version retailing for $3999, and the larger, 75-inch X910C will be available for $5499. Sony announced that pre-sales on the X900C models have already started, while the X910C is slated for a summer release.

The company claims its triluminous backlight technology found on these models expands the range of colors they can display compared to normal TVs. The lineup also contains some of the slimmest TVs ever seen; the 0.19-inch X900C is thinner than most smartphones, while the X910C is the thinnest TV of its size ever made. These dimensions are so small, Sony claims the bezel cannot be seen when the TVs are turned on, leaving only the picture visible.

The X900C and the X910C are powered by Android TV. This means you get access to streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, Hulu, and Sling TV. There's also Google Cast, voice search and Playstation Now support, allowing for streaming of PS3 games without the need for a console.

While the 4K revolution may still be in its infancy, many see it as being the direction television viewing is heading. The amount of 4K content available is gradually increasing, and unlike the fading 3D TVs, this technology looks to be here for the long run.