More than half of all YouTube views now originate from a mobile device. As such, the Google-owned company has revamped its mobile app to provide a better all-around experience for both content creators and their audience.

The core update includes three new tabs.

"Home" is the primary landing page where you'll be able to explore and discover videos with recommendations and personal playlists based on your watch history. "Subscriptions" is home to the latest updates from channels you have subscribed to with a new option to get notifications as soon as a new video is posted.

Last but not least is the "Account" tab where you'll find videos you've uploaded, watch history and your playlists.

The update further includes the ability to watch vertical videos in full-screen portrait mode without those annoying black bars on each side. It also adds a new set of creation tools that allow content creators to trim their footage, apply various filters, add music and upload.

It's been a busy year for YouTube as the company has unveiled (or is otherwise working on) multiple projects. After introducing support for 60 FPS videos late last year, the company expanded it to include live streaming in May before rolling out 60 FPS playback on mobile devices last month.

We also saw YouTube announce a brand new project in June called YouTube Gaming. This service, which will go live this summer in the US and UK, will compete directly with Twitch which Amazon swooped in and bought the popular live streaming platform out from under Google a year ago.

YouTube said it is working on additional features that will be revealed later this year.