YouTube officially added support for 60 frames per second videos back in June yet up to this point, the option was limited to select video partners. The world's most popular video sharing website recently enabled 60 FPS support for all but there are a few caveats you'll need to be aware if you want to view buttery smooth content.

For starters, you'll need to be running Google's Chrome browser to view 60 FPS clips. When watching with Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera, the option for 60 FPS simply doesn't show up on the desktop. This appears to simply be a glitch as we're hearing reports that 60 FPS does work in Safari.

As PCWorld points out, 60 FPS likely won't mean much for most of the clips you watch on YouTube. Where it does make a difference, however, is with video game footage. As you've no doubt noticed in the past, clips that don't run at the native frame rate of the game in question show noticeable distortion and generally don't look too great.

What's more, 60 FPS for game clips will no doubt give YouTube a boost among gamers looking to host their clips. That's even truer considering Google lost out on its bid for live game streaming service Twitch to Amazon in August. Reports at the time claimed Google was in late discussions to buy the service for $1 billion.