Things at Google are looking a little different now.

That's because the colossus of the web changed its well known logo to something more informal, and sans-serif. In a blog post today, Google said the streamlined logo will work between different screen sizes better than the old one.

Google's VP of Product Management Tamar Yehoshua and Director of User Experience Bobby Nath emphasized in the post that originally their logo and branding were built for a single desktop browser page. That world is quickly fading into the recesses of our minds as we use "an endless number of devices and different kinds of inputs."

The small blue "G" icon is also gone, and replaced with a four-color "G" that is the same typeface as the new logo.

As demonstrated in the video, this isn't the first time Google has shaken up their logo – and it's doubtful that this is the last time. The new design has already started to roll out over all its products, although my GMail account still displayed the old serif Google logo through the afternoon.

Just last month Google shook up the tech world with their announcement of a new parent company called Alphabet. The logo's facelift brings it more into line with the design of Alphabet, creating a unified front.

The logo changes aren't just about looks, though. The new lettering will scale better to smaller sizes and it's supposed to be easier to display on low-bandwidth connections. This works right into the goal of Google's new CEO is to bring internet to rural and underserved areas.