Tesla is now taking orders for its Model X, the company’s seven-passenger electric SUV first announced in 2012. Here’s all of the pertinent we know at this hour.

First things first, the Model X won’t come cheap. As InsideEV notes, the Model X Signature Series starts at $132,000 and requires a $40,000 deposit (versus the $5,000 deposit for the standard Model X). For the money, you’ll get a fully electric SUV that’s good for around 240 miles on a single charge.

There’s also an optional tow package for $750, a subzero weather package that adds $1,000 to the cost and a ludicrous speed upgrade that commands an additional $10,000.

Much like the Model S sedan, the Model X is capable of blistering acceleration courtesy of its electric motor powertrain. The front motor pumps out 259 horsepower while the rear has 509 ponies on tap. That’s good for a 0-60 time of 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 155 mph.

If you opt for the ludicrous speed package, the 0-60 time drops down to just 3.2 seconds. Tesla says a Model X with the performance package can run an 11.7 second quarter mile. That’s extremely fast – especially for an SUV – and will be more than enough to embarrass the (stock) Mustangs and Camaros of the world from a dig.

Tesla says the Model X is expected to arrive early next year.

Rear shot courtesy Britta Pedersen Zuma Press