Samsung's new high-density LPDDR4 DRAM chips are set to pave the way for new smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices with more RAM than ever before. The chips, which are manufactured using a 20nm process and come with a capacity of 12 Gb (1.5 GB), offer 50% greater density than Samsung's existing 8 Gb chips.

There are several advantages to using Samsung's new high-density DRAM over existing chips. Firstly, manufacturers can save space in their devices by including fewer chips than before to achieve the same amount of RAM. For example, a device with 3 GB of RAM would only require two 12 Gb chips, rather than four 6 Gb chips like we see in current designs.

Secondly, manufacturers can now include more RAM in their mobile devices, potentially opting for 6 GB in future designs through the use of four 12 Gb chips. The highest amount of RAM we've seen in current-generation flagship smartphones is 4 GB, and although it will be years until 6 GB (or even 4 GB) is necessary, the technology is here now to make higher RAM capacities possible.

Aside from being higher density, Samsung also claims these new chips are 30% faster than existing 8 Gb modules, providing speeds of 4266 Mbps per pin, equating to 34 Gbps over a standard 64-bit bus. The new chips also consume 20% less power, which is great news for portable devices.

Samsung has already begun mass producing these new 12 Gb LPDDR4 DRAM chips, so it won't be too long before they appear in devices.