Pebble, makers of what many consider to be the original smartwatch, is having quite the year. After becoming the most funded Kickstarter of all-time with its third-generation Pebble Time and following up a week later with Pebble Time Steel, the company is back with a third watch for 2015.

The Pebble Time Round is the company's first smartwatch with a circular face. In addition to the obvious round design, the new watch is also thinner and lighter at 7.5mm thick and 28 grams, respectively, and it is compatible with two strap size options (14mm and 20mm widths).

Its slim profile does come at a cost as the device won't run nearly as long as other models on a single charge (expect about two days versus up to 10 with the Time Steel). The good news, however, is that a quick 15 minute charge can extend runtime by up to 24 hours.

It's being offered in your choice of black, silver or rose gold color schemes with a variety of leather and stainless steel bands to choose from. It uses the same e-ink technology as earlier models and is also compatible with Android and iOS handsets.

Pebble is now accepting pre-orders for the Time Round with pricing starting at $249.99. Do note that it won't ship for another six to eight weeks so be prepared to wait a bit.