By this point, we've all heard of Popcorn Time, the app often referred to as "Netflix for pirates." Popcorn Time has made it a lot easier to access copyrighted movies and TV shows illegally --- with its streamlined process and sleek design --- and, not surprisingly, has faced resistance from the movie industry and the authorities.

BGR reported today that now Popcorn Time has debuted a new project named Browser Popcorn. And, as you might guess from the title, it offers the function of Popcorn Time without the need to install an app --- just access it from your browser.

The Browser Popcorn website shows what movies and TV shows are available in a setting that's similar to Popcorn Time (which is modeled after Netflix.) Peruse the most popular movies and shows right on the homepage, or filter by categories or use the search function to find a specific title.

This is the genius of Browser Popcorn: Instead of having to use a dedicated torrent search site to find a movie, then a separate client to download it, and one more app to watch it, you just select a movie and it begins playing in your browser. Browser Popcorn makes the process of watching movies illegally so easy, even people who stayed away from it may be tempted now.