With the myriad of internet-connected devices available in most family homes these days, it can be a difficult task for parents to monitor their kids' internet browsing habits and how long they spend online. Now, a new device from Disney Interactive and Circle Media Inc. claims to be able to protect children from the dangers found online, as well as restrict the amount of hours they spend surfing the internet.

Circle with Disney is a device that works alongside an iOS app that allows parents to filter web content, set “bedtimes,” block ads, view insights and usage history, and even pause access to a household’s internet entirely.

Circle with Disney works by wirelessly hooking up to a home’s router, giving parents control over all connected devices. It’s charged via a power cord or microUSB, and can last a few days on a full charge. The accompanying app allows profiles to be created for each family member and group devices according to each profile. The number of hours someone spends online is tallied up across all the devices owned by that person.

Additionally, the device also provides a curated selection of Disney content for children, including videos, blogs, gifs, emojis, music, games, and social media postings, promos and more. Sadly it doesn’t go as far as offering any feature-length movies.

While there are a number of other items on the market which offer control over what children see online, many are confusing for non-technically minded parents, often limited to one device, or prohibitively expensive. Retailing at $99, Circle with Disney could provide an easy and affordable solution to the problem. For now, the app is only available for iOS, but an Android version will be availabe in 2016.